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#FlipTheList: Diversifying environmental history scholarship on Wikipedia (and everywhere else) 
Justin Fisher (University of Saskatchewan)
Sarah Hamilton (University of Bergen)
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Expanding the Practice of Environmental History
Room 16
Tuesday 20 August, -
Time zone: Europe/Helsinki
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Short Abstract:

The #FlipTheList initiative is hosting an online workshop to introduce people to diversifying the list of environmental books on Wikipedia. We will demonstrate and troubleshoot the process of editing Wikipedia for this purpose. This is an information session and workshop combined - please join us!

Long Abstract:

The #FlipTheList initiative first launched in 2020 with the modest goal of expanding the "list of environmental books" on Wikipedia to better reflect the diversity that makes up environmental history scholarship, highlighting in particular works by scholars of colour and those identifying as women, trans, and non-binary. Having since crowd-sourced hundreds of recommendations, we are working towards adding them to Wikipedia and expanding the influence of this environmental history scholarship across the platform, which ranks as one of the most-visited websites in the world.

This will be our first synchronous gathering for the project since 2021, and it offers the opportunity to participate from anywhere. In this online workshop, we will re-introduce the project and facilitate a discussion about how this project can be incorporated into teaching and learning. We will also facilitate an active session where participants can draft and copy edit text to be added to Wikipedia and learn how to edit Wikipedia for this purpose. To help with this, we will explain, demonstrate, and troubleshoot the process. Participants are welcome to bring new recommendations to the session.

The workshop speaks to the theme of histories beyond history as we endeavour to help expand the influence of environmental history scholarship into existing online spaces and communities, speaking in many cases directly to contemporary issues. Wikipedia is an example of a vibrant collaborative community that can be tapped into to broaden the influence of environmental history, and we are excited to discuss emerging pedagogic opportunities. Please join us!