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Accepted Paper:

Revitalizing Sustainable Water Governance in Africa: Exploring Traditional Practices in Morocco's Amazigh Souss-Massa Region  
Maroua Mounsif (Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P))

Paper short abstract:

This study tries to introduce an Afrocentric lens for water management by unveiling insights from the indigenous Amazigh water wisdom in Morocco’s Souss-Massa region. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we propose a model for integrating traditional practices into African public policies.

Paper long abstract:

This research delves into Morocco's Amazigh Souss-Massa region, unravelling the intricate tapestry of traditional water management practices. Focused on enhancing water governance, the study navigates the intersection of ancient wisdom and contemporary challenges. As Africa grapples with ecological crises, the Amazigh communities offer a unique perspective shaped by centuries of sustainable water stewardship. Investigating the historical context and dynamics of these practices, the research aims to bridge the gap between traditional knowledge and modern governance structures. It critically evaluates the efficacy of these practices in fostering resilience against climate-induced water stress.

The study employs a multidisciplinary approach, weaving together anthropology, hydrology, and governance studies. By centring on local narratives and practices, it seeks to amplify marginalized voices and traditions often overshadowed in mainstream discourse. The intricate dance between nature and culture in the water governance paradigm is explored, providing nuanced insights for reconfiguring African studies in the context of environmental challenges. It offers a fresh lens, emphasizing the importance of indigenous wisdom in shaping sustainable futures by outlining various traditional water management categories and proposing a model for their integration into public policies.

As Africa navigates complex environmental shifts, understanding and integrating traditional practices become imperative. The study not only contributes to academic discourse but also holds practical implications for reimagining water governance strategies in the region and beyond.

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Centering Ecologies in re-configuring Africa studies – emerging perspectives
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