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Accepted Paper:

Decoloniality and scientific progress in healthcare management: examining the narratives and histories of indigenous solutions and cures of COVID-19 in Africa  
Ezinwanyi Adam (Babcock University)

Paper short abstract:

This study examines successes, challenges, and limitations African Indigenous healthcare experts experience in their attempts to break even with their European counterparts as assessment is done using the conflictual western or European scientific frameworks and knowledge production systems.

Paper long abstract:

The quest for decolonization in knowledge production in Africa extends to scientific investigations and/or inquiries in healthcare management systems, more particularly in the prevention and cure of infectious diseases like Ebola and Coronavirus. The outbreak of the pandemic - Coronavirus Disease in 2019 (COVID-19), which originated from Wuhan China brought about many explorations and attempts by Africans to find solutions and cures using the indigenous knowledge systems and methodology in traditional medical practice. it is obvious that great successes were achieved in containing the spread of the virus in many African nations with the use of seemingly simple and clear traditional solutions and cures; however, the efforts and successes achieved by African traditional medical practitioners seem to be undermined by the failure of international organizations, like WHO and many other scientists and healthcare managers in most developed nations, including Europe to recognize their impact for lack of scientific evidence, which is colored by western philosophies, methods, and practices. This paper critically discusses the successes achieved by many African nations in containing the spread of Covid-19, it highlights the challenges and limitations Indigenous African scientists and healthcare experts experience in their attempts to break even with their European counterparts as they are assessed using the conflictual framework of western or European scientific discoveries and knowledge production systems. Amongst the findings is the close relationship between tales and facts in the histories.

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Re-wiring Africa: how do quests for scientific progress and for decoloniality resonate with each other? I
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