Accepted Paper:

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Andrew Crockett (Wessex Archaeology)
Kayt Marter Brown
Rachael Seager Smith (Wessex Archaeology)

Paper short abstract:

The results of research by Wessex Archaeology and AFESS on the repaired RB ceramics from CTRL Springhead, Kent

Paper long abstract:

Traditionally the repair of pottery vessels, particularly coarsewares, has been attributed to necessity, resulting from inadequate supplies or lowly status limiting the availability and access to new vessels, thus forcing the continued use of the old. The proposed paper will explore the phenomena of ceramic repair during the Romano-British period, focusing on the relatively little recognised practice of using birch-tar as an adhesive for repairing vessels. New research by Wessex Archaeology, with the help of AFESS at the University of Reading, on the largest group of 'glued' sherds thus far identified, from the ceramic assemblage at CTRL Springhead, Kent, suggests that this practice is not just the work of parsimonious individuals but common practice within the community.

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Make-do and mend: the archaeologies of compromise?