Accepted Paper:

Buckets, spades and big hats: community digging in Devon   


Siân Smith (University of Exeter)
Matt Blewett
Naomi Hughes (University of Exeter)

Paper short abstract:

Photograph taken at a community excavation in East Devon in September 2008.

Paper long abstract:

This image illustrates an aspect of community archaeology in Britain today: young schoolchildren are being encouraged to take part in an excavation at the site of a nineteenth-century farmhouse in Devon, supervised by their teachers and a small team of archaeology students. The associated text interprets aspects of the photograph and considers some of the challenges encountered in introducing young children to archaeology, including the need for careful preparation of the site in advance, a relaxed attitude to excavating with garden trowels and plastic beach spades, and a five-year-old's perspective on archaeological headgear.

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