Accepted Paper:

Dewey's insights of 'public issues' and the 2005 Faro Convention   


Stephanie Koerner (Liverpool University )

Paper short abstract:

The bearing upon the session´s aims of Dewey´s insights of the historiality of ‘public issues’ are explored.

Paper long abstract:

My contribution explores - in light of circumstances where controversies over by and for whom plurality of lived cultural heritage is conserved are enmeshed in the deepening life quality inequalities of ´risk society´ - something of the bearing upon the sessions aims of insights that 'public issues' are not simplified versions of more complex problems, which demand authoritative expertise. To the contrary, it is the most complex problems―the problems that hitherto predominant institutions and paradigms do not or cannot address―that spark the emergence of publics and means (perhaps, such as the 2005 Faro convention) to reframe what is meant by the 'common good'.

Panel S03
Who needs experts? Counter mapping cultural heritage