Accepted Paper:

A fine line between treasure and gain  


Michael Bendon (Ritsumeikan University)

Paper short abstract:

There appear very fluid definitions of the salvage/looting of underwater sites. Particular motivations of those involved in the process are examined and illustrated by reference to two sunken WWII vessels in Western Crete.

Paper long abstract:

Whether it be termed looting or salvage, the motivations of individuals and/or groups involved in the process vary greatly. The different times at which these actions take place may well also affect the choices made and the methods employed to gather materials from shipwrecks, No matter what the underlying motives these processes have direct impact upon sites and in turn on any later interpretation of the remains that may be undertaken. These notions will be explored and illustrated by reference to recent investigations revolving around two WWII sunken wrecks.

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The evanescent milkman cometh: archaeologies of obscure complexities, actions, formation and transformation