Accepted Paper:

Understanding Cornwall's past environment and economy - 25 years of progress?  


Vanessa Straker (English Heritage)

Paper short abstract:

Resources, techniques & methodology have changed greatly in the last 25 years. Archaeological science in Cornwall (bio and geoarchaeology, biomolecules & scientific dating) is reviewed in this context. Cornish results are viewed from the perspective of SW England and future priorities suggested.

Paper long abstract:

This paper will summarise the results of a review of archaeological science in Cornwall over the last 25 years or so. It will present a personal view of what we have learnt and comment on changes in approach. Topics will include bio and geoarchaeology, biomolecules and scientific dating as used to address research themes. Concluding comments will broaden the scope by briefly viewing the Cornish results in the context of south west England and suggesting some future priorities.

Panel S02
Palaeoeconomy and palaeoecology of south west Britain