Accepted paper:

Stonehenge rocks


Paul Devereux (Time & Mind)

Paper short abstract:

An audio-visual report on some of the findings of an acoustic survey of Carn Menyn, Preseli, by the Royal College of art project, 'Landscape & Perception'. It will focus on lithophone incidence at the location.

Paper long abstract:

Over a number of field studies the 'Landscape & Perception' project, under the auspices of the Royal College of Art , has been conducting an acoustic survey of the Carn Menyn ridge, Preseli, Wales, claimed source of Stonehenge bluestones. The survey conducted a range of field tests for lithophone and unusual echo incidence. A major field session in August 2010 completed the collection of an initial set of lithophone data for the location which will form the basis of this TAG report. Apart from providing a general overview of lithophone distribution at Carn Menyn, certain acoustic 'hotspots' have been identified, one of which coincides with an area identified by the Darvill and Wainwright field studies there as a probable bluestone 'quarry'. The report will include audio clips and is being proposed as part of the S37 session, 'From Artefact to Auditorium'.

panel S37
Artefact to auditorium: aural agendas in the archaeology of prehistoric sound (partly supported by the AHRC ‘Beyond Text’ program)