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Accepted Paper:

Collaboration as cultural resistance of Mapuche children to the Chilean western education model  
Marcela Castro Garrido (Universidad de La Frontera) Maria Carolina Standen (UFRO) Ana Munoz (Universidad de La Frontera) Paula Alonqueo (Universidad de La Frontera)

Paper short abstract:

Cultural strategies that Mapuche children maintain in the space of the school are described. Mapuche children collaborate in shared activities, help younger children, and act collectively. These characteristics are typical of the Mapuche learning model that guides the children's socialization.

Paper long abstract:

In the Araucanía region of Chile, inhabits the Mapuche people, which is the highest indigenous people in the country. This study was carried out in three rural schools in a county of the Araucanía with approximately 90% of Mapuche population. Its objective was to identify some cultural strategies that Mapuche children maintain in the context of the western school model of the Chilean society. Observations of various settings were made, such as classes, playground, dining room and sports activities. In them it was observed that Mapuche children have the initiative to collaborate in activities of common goals, to help younger children with their assignments, carry out individual activities collectively even when the teacher's instructions are to perform them individually, to act collectively in all kind of situations, some educational and some in the playground.

This behavior of collaboration, participation and mutual support is a cultural value of the Mapuche learning model, in which children are socialized in their families and communities. These collaborative strategies are transferred to the rural school, however, school rules stimulate learning and the achievement of individual goals. There are few spaces where Mapuche children are encouraged to continue developing these cultural values.

Panel P17
Interrogating inequalities in children's development: contesting academic research and public policies
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