Accepted Paper:

The International Research Network on Interdependent Inequalities in Latin America:  


Barbara Göbel (Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut)
Bettina Schorr (Freie Universität Berlin, Institute for Latin American Studies)

Paper Short Abstract: is a research network on social inequalities in Latin America that emphasizes global configurations of inequalities and their multidimensional nature. Its innovations include the integration of an ecological perspective and close cooperation between area studies and other disciplines.

Paper long abstract: is an interdisciplinary and multi-institutional research network dedicated to the study of interdependent social inequalities in Latin America. Its specific research profile emphasizes multidimensionality (gender, race, ethnicity, etc.) as an important approach to the analysis of social inequalities in the region and the global configurations in which social inequalities in Latin America are embedded. It also makes an important contribution by underscoring the importance of ecology in the creation and reproduction of social inequalities.

Building on the findings of the first phase (2009-2014), a second phase of the project (2014-2016) will highlight the discrepancy between global configurations of social inequalities and national bargaining processes concerning social inequalities. It will pay special attention to three thematic foci: categories of social stratification, limits to redistribution and the global valorization of nature.

Another strategic goal of is to move area studies into a much closer cooperation with other academic disciplines and with researchers in Latin America. It also takes seriously approaches to social inequalities developed in Latin America.

The International Research Network is funded by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) in its funding line for area studies.

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New approaches and clusters for Latin American Studies in Germany