Accepted Paper:

Positivism or postivisms? The origins of the National Preparatory School in late-nineteenth century Mexico  


Natalia Priego (University of Liverpool)

Paper Short Abstract:

In 1864 President Benito Juárez entrusted Gabino Barreda, who had returned from his medical studies in France as a convinced Comtean, with the reorganization of education in Mexico. This paper concentrates upon the subsequent creation by him of the National Preparatory School.

Paper long abstract:

The creation of Mexico's National Preparatory School, of which Barreda was the first director, was central to the education of Mexican Positivists. This paper examines its activities, as well as the differences between the Comtean Positivists and the so-called Spencerians both within and beyond the School.

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Positivism and education reform in late nineteenth-century Latin America