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Accepted Contribution:

Being on both sides? Dilemmas connected with different roles of scholars involved in the work related to the UNESCO 2003 Convention  
Lubica Volanska (Slovak Academy of Sciences)

Contribution short abstract:

Scholars with an ethnological background often have different roles in safeguarding the living heritage under the UNESCO Convention 2003, which can be contradictory at first glance. Let´s discuss how diverse experiences provide helpful insight into the functioning of different processes.

Contribution long abstract:

Dealing with a living heritage for ethnologists and folklorists can bring various kinds of involvement. Starting with the first long-term ethnographic fieldwork with and within the communities of "tradition berarers" as a university student, active participation in safeguarding living heritage within NGOs, work for decision makers and state institutions up to closer cooperation with the UNESCO Living Heritage Entity within the Evaluation Body or as a member of the national delegation within the Intergovernmental Committee to the Convention 2003.

At the meetings organized by the UNESCO Living Heritage Entity, be it training of trainers sessions, meetings of focal points or various working groups dedicated to, for example, the listing mechanisms of the UNESCO Convention 2003, the participants, very often scholars with an ethnological or folkloristic background, present themselves as someone who had the opportunity to experience to be on both sides. Interestingly, many perceive this involvement as opposing activities, resulting in various dilemmas.

In the discussion, I would like to debate the possibilities of bridging these imaginary two sides of the same ocean to find out if and how we can all be on the same shore.

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New horizons for SIEF engagement with UNESCO-ICH [Cultural Heritage and Property Working Group] (Roundtable)
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