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Audio/visual roundtable

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Archives and Sources

This stream queries the ambiguities of access, the possibilities of cooperation in documentation processes and the innovation in, and disruption to, traditional archival practices and data collection in the world today.

Bodies, Affects, Senses, Emotions

Exploring aspects of the body, embodiment, senses and emotional life in the context of cultural practices, research and lived experience, especially as agents of resistance and subjects of repression in politics and social movements.

Digital Lives

The Digital Lives stream tackles the proliferating modes of participation and transgression in (increasingly) virtual lives, along with methods and practices of research with digital technologies.


Policies, people and change in landscapes, environments, ecosystems while facing, facilitating or resisting the climate crisis.


The production, consumption and distribution of food, and related practices and beliefs, as well as the social anxieties, hopes, inequalities and politics behind them.

Health and Medicine

In the midst of a world-wide pandemic, Health and Medicine reflects on transforming conceptualizations of health and medicine, including narratives and practices of healing.


Heritage looks at the processes and practices of heritagization, including the politics of intangible heritage, material heritage, museums, memory and commemoration, and heritage management, etc.


Research on how social and political identities (e.g., gender, race, class, sexuality, religion, ability, etc.) intersect and overlap to create various modes of discrimination and privilege that are, in turn, opposed, challenged, manipulated, disrupted or succumbed to.

Knowledge Production

Panels on how knowledge gets produced, maintained and conveyed by individuals and communities, including current developments in the methods and theory of ethnology, folklore, anthropology and related fields.

Material Culture and Museums

The physical objects, architecture, resources and spaces that define cultures and communities, along with the practices involved in creating, using, preserving and displaying them and the role they play in practices of resistance.


The modes of resistance and strategies of adaptation among migrants, refugees and minority groups, as well as the politics and economics of migration and borders.


Panels that bring together scholars using narratological tools for making sense of transformations, human adjustment and experiences.


Panels tackling performativity in rituals, art and everyday life in contexts of societal crisis and transformative processes.


Conceptualising the world as a shared space for humans and non-humans, materials, elements, machines, objects and information, the posthumanism stream queries modes of interdependency, from synergies to threats.

Politics and Power

Research into the processes of governance, power and social change in particular social and cultural dimensions in a time of crises.


Rituals, spiritualities, religious practices, imaginations, processes of heritagization and socio-cultural change in various religious contexts.


The implications of “breaking the rules”, as well as resisting, transgressing and compromising in a multitude of social, economic, political, cultural and academic contexts.

Urban Studies

Urban Studies panels look at resistance, transgression and participation in various aspects of urban life and public space, and associated research challenges.