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Accepted Paper:

Drawing on the archive: a cross sectoral platform  
Kelly Fitzgerald (University College Dublin)

Paper short abstract:

Digital humanities have advanced tradition archives online. A more participatory archive that allows communities across a number of sectors to mark their contributions with archival holdings requires an appropriate digital platform. This paper will present a prototype of this platform.

Paper long abstract:

It is not difficult to imagine the possibilities that keep traditional holdings and repositories relevant and engaging. Whether scholarly research, artistic endeavours or further educational purposes, folklore archives have a role to play in understanding the society they were created in as well as serving as a lens into an examination of the contemporary world. To address the past and seek to continue to explore how this material was viewed through their eyes, including the perceived wisdom of the time, and understand how material is seen today requires a stronger dialogue. A constant and dynamic process that, much like the creation of such archives themselves, requires as many voices as possible to strengthen and enlighten the conversations. A digital platform,, will allow multiple sectors to speak to and contribute to traditional holdings. An archive ‘check-in’ system where users mark how they have interpreted and drawn on material. Allowing layered cultural interpretations and insights. Accreditation for the platform will derive from the co-operation communicated from the archival users themselves, thus, it will be rooted in agency. It will allow for voices to be radical in acknowledging what has been excluded from the collections and give a platform for such material to be included. This virtual space will give recognition for the contributions traditional, archival material can offer at the same time allowing a platform for people to upload new collections. It is time to allow the imagination to create and develop the bold and innovative archives folkloristics merit.

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Being bold in the archives: innovative folklore archival practices [SIEF Working Group On Archives]
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