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Accepted Paper:

Horizon - imagined and real Genius Loci narratives, dimensionality of imagination and neuro science of spatial sense  
Slobodan Dan Paich (Artship Foundation)

Paper short abstract:

Post-Anthropocentric landscape in and beyond current models of disciplinary boundaries reflection on number of pioneering initiatives in last fifty years that sensed emergent paradigms within community setting helping possible models of inclusive methodologies beyond and with humans.

Paper long abstract:

This paper's contextual areas and perimeters of interest are:

1. Spatial Theoretical sing-posts and emerging paradigm -

2. Reclaiming, redefining Public Space examples -

3. Enactment as cultural expression, cognitive enrichment and research methodologies

The Paper opens with selected comparative cultural findings on Genus Loci concept and similar notions in indigenous and ancient cultures.

Reflections on and issues of Landscape as Container being metaphorical, conceptual or actual are approached through seven examples of mostly hard landscape, urban realized projects:

Art into Landscape: - London 1974

Urban Intervention - Liverpool1969

Building small Lake - Fano (1975-1980)

Community Poles Project / Street as Gallery - Oakland, (1986-1991)

Reclaiming Public Space /Citizen's Initiative - Oakland, (19961999)

Reuse on Urban Scale - Oakland, (1999-2004)

Migration Landscape - Istanbul 2013

Based on the examples of initiatives responding to community needs and issues raised the last section of the paper introduces the cognitive and neuro science findings and interpretations about space perception, assimilation and responses as contributing to understanding Landscape Experience as cultural phenomenon.

Rhetoric or Action - Brief conclusion summarizes the diverse notions, touched upon in the paper, of human relationship to landscape and possible plural future inclusive and caring paradigms of research, presentations and curriculum developments towards the Post-Anthropocentric paradigms.

Panel PHum03b
(Staying with) post-anthropocentric landscape in and beyond ethnology: breaking the status quo [SIEF Working Group on Space-lore and Place-lore]
  Session 1 Wednesday 23 June, 2021, -