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Accepted Paper:

Tuning into the frequencies of life. An ontology of healing practices within the underground Damanhur community  
Peter Jan Margry (University of Amsterdam Meertens Institute, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences)

Paper short abstract:

This paper deals with the healing culture within the world community of Damanhur. It analyses how the 'alchimist' Oberto Airaudi, based on older practice and his own teachings and gifts, developed his 'pranatherapy', for which he then founded a university for spiritual healers.

Paper long abstract:

Around 1975 Damanhur was founded on and as a semi-closed spiritual and ecological community in the southern slopes of the Italian Alps. It is a federation of communities with new settlements not only in the Valchiusella valley but also elsewhere in the world. Its founder Oberto Airaudi stood already in his youth in connection to healers and gained himself paranormal powers and discovered that in the mentioned valley the energy lines of the World's 'nervous system' converge. Subsequently he built there the Temples of Humankind, in synchronicity with the worlds energy line system. This location facilitated the community in focusing on healing as a way of rebalancing energy. Their 'pranatherapy' is taught at their own 'university', where healing devices - selfica's - for improving the concentration and direction of intelligent energies, were invented. This paper analyses Damanhur's healing politics and its system of health practices.

Panel Medi03
‘Healing’ as harmonization of ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ cosmos? Conceptualizations and practices of ‘health’ and ‘healing’ in Europe and beyond
  Session 1 Monday 15 April, 2019, -