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Accepted Paper:

How to find the ‚perfect' Wedding Dress? Media Representations versus personal Experiences  
Ina Hagen-Jeske (University of Augsburg)

Paper short abstract:

Shopping for a wedding dress has to be a special experience. The fact that there are TV shows that center on the process of finding a gown underline this assumption. How is the bridal shopping experience staged by the media?

Paper long abstract:

Since 2007 marriages in Germany have been on the rise and the wedding industry is booming accordingly. Not only are there specialized wedding planners, fairs, fashion blogs, magazines, but also TV shows devoted to the wedding phenomenon. The bridal gown, more precisely, the process of finding and purchasing one, plays an important role in so called documentary soaps such as 'Zwischen Tüll und Tränen' (Between Tulle and Tears). This show has been broadcast on a daily basis on VOX's afternoon program since 2016. Based on selected episodes, I will carve out the fundamental patterns of how the shopping process is medially represented in this show.

Subsequently, I will compare these patterns to the personal experiences of brides. These individual perspectives will be shown by means of case studies, based on theme-centered interviews with former brides. Where do they buy their wedding dresses? Who accompanies the bride on the search for her dress? What is the purchase procedure? Last but not least: What does the (shopping of the) wedding dress mean to the bride? These questions are at the fore of the presentation.

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Fashion fast forward: transforming body, fabric and media in a changing world [P+R]
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