Accepted Paper:

Housekeeping and family life at home: daily homework in the work journal by a housewife 1890-1914  


Åsa Ljungström (Uppsala University)

Paper short abstract:

The daybook kept by a housewife and mother forms the ethnography of a home where daily work was carried out in 24 years, 1890-1914, by the housewife, a maid and a daughter. There are photos of interiors and objects, mentioned to keep track of when digitalized in a folk life archive and at my desk.

Paper long abstract:

The housewife, once a professional housekeeper, the matron of an estate, kept a daybook of her household work for 24 years in ten thin notebooks. A world of the life of a family is stored. It has been digitalized at the Institute of Dialectology and Folk Life in Uppsala, Sweden. I have taken on the analysis of the progress of the daily life of the family at home and I need to find my way through the data to the themes - in order to tell the story of class and gender of female conditions in a changing world.

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