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Accepted Paper:

Subjective understandings of ‚health' in the context of alternative healing: an overview of particular practices (methods), terminologies, and practical experiences  
Reda Šatūnienė (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences)

Paper short abstract:

Paper discusses understandings of 'health' and 'healing' in-between alternative healing and spiritual experiences ('alternative psychologies'?) as sort of ‚fringe' science therapies, practiced by people, seeking for their subjectively understood ‚health'.

Paper long abstract:

Since the spring of New Age movements and spiritual practices in 70-ies, despite of high development of fundamental sciences in general (and biomedicine, too), there still exist variety of alternative healing methods, and people seem to be quite keen practitioners of the latter ones. Alternative healing methods are being researched worldwide, but in Lithuania research is fragmentary, and more focused on traditional medicine (ethnological perspective) or new religious movements (sociological perspective).

There exists sort of healing strategies (methods), which are in-between alternative healing and spiritual, kind of 'alternative psychologies'. The closest concept to those 'alternative psychologies' could probably be used 'self-transformations', or similar. Here, it is meant such methods as B. Hellinger's (German psychoterpist) family constellation method, transessence (author of the method - american psychoterapist), hypnotic regression, and similar practices (re-birthing by Leonard Orr, etc.).

Presentation is based on research, conducted since 2015 in Lithuania (research continues). Up to date, there were conducted 17 interviews with a representatives - ethusiasts, active practitioneers, and healers. Age of the interviewees, in major part, is arround 35-45.

Mentioned ‚alternative psychologies' exist as sort of ‚fringe' science therapies, which are sometimes demonized, but are practiced quite significantly by people, seeking for their subjective ‚health': usually it is seeking for inner peace, psycho-emotional relief, etc.

It is important to study subjective understandings (and meanings) of ‚health', because, based on ontological perception, it depends, what strategies and directions of self-healing would be possibly chosen by ‚health/ transformation' seekers.

Panel Medi03
‘Healing’ as harmonization of ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ cosmos? Conceptualizations and practices of ‘health’ and ‘healing’ in Europe and beyond
  Session 1 Monday 15 April, 2019, -