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Accepted Paper:

Desire and the desired: about youth and youths in a Swedish girls' magazine  
Kristina Oeman (University of Gothenburg)

Paper short abstract:

What is being said about youth and youths in a Swedish girls' magazine in pre-internet time? In my presentation I'll discuss what desires and norms are made visible in material written by adults as well as texts submitted by the young readers themselves.

Paper long abstract:

Starlet was a Swedish youth magazine - or perhaps rather a girls' magazine that also a number of boys read - published between 1966 and 1996. The magazine consisted of material written by the editorial staff; comics; and also texts submitted by the readers themselves, and therefor became a sort of printed youth forum where they could turn to and communicate with other readers.

In my paper I intend to discuss the image(s) of youth and youths which are being presented by, on the one hand, the adult editorial staff, and on the other hand the youths themselves. What is being emphasized and made visible as desired, regarding both character traits and material desires? Based on different types of text, published parallel and within one and the same place, Starlet, I will examine what was being told about youth on a forum like a Swedish youth magazine from 1966 to 1996.

What norms related to age can be uncovered in this material, regarding ideals related to behavior as well as desired characteristics? The topic of desire will be expanded further, as well as what is expected of the youths it will also become a point of departure regarding what youths wanted - or was expected to covet - in a pre-internet era. To summarize: What do they want, what do they want to be, and who claims they want it?

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Tracking age in a transforming world
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