Accepted paper:

Materializing Exile


Katarzyna Puzon (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Erin Cory (Malmö University)

Paper short abstract:

This brief introductory talk seeks to set the stage for discussion across the seemingly disparate contexts and concerns of our panelists' papers by setting out the questions and concerns that connect them.

Paper long abstract:

While much recent work on exile centers on the ongoing refugee crisis produced by Syria's civil war, the 20th and 21st centuries have witnessed several mass displacements of people - across cities, regions, countries, and continents. These movements have necessitated a renegotiation of what "home" and belonging mean to, and look like, for both displaced people and inhabitants of the areas in which they settle. Addressing the salience of urban space in these endeavours, we attempt to explicate how difference and diversity are enacted and produced in and through the city. In this introductory talk, the organizers will lay out some of the concerns and questions central to the varied contexts represented by the panel's papers. The aim of this talk is neither to preclude, nor to predict the conversations we hope to have after the panelists' presentations. Rather we aim to draw some initial connections between the contexts, methodologies, and contributions of the papers, as a way to encourage discussion around particular themes, and towards future collaborations.

panel Urba09
Materializing exile: production of difference and diversity in the city