Accepted Paper:

Dwelling of pagan past in present-day Lithuania  


Dalia SenvaitytÄ— (Vytautas Magnus University)

Paper short abstract:

Popularity and particularities of neo-pagan movements those members connect themselves with Pre-Christian Baltic religion in Lithuania will be discussed in the presentation. The diversity of the shifting phenomena, a variety of related groups and subgroups will be analyzed.

Paper long abstract:

Native faith related groups are specific, complex and alive phenomena variously linked with alternative religiosity, the images of Lithuanian's "traditional ethnic culture" and the "pagan past".

The diversity of the shifting phenomena will be presented. Main ideas and activities of phenomena related groups and subgroups dwelling in Lithuania will be discussed. Interpretations and the use of "pagan past"," traditional ethnic culture", impact of alternative spirituality, urban life style as well as related factors in those groups will be talked over. Interconnections of the groups, their relations with outside groups, Lithuanian Nationalism and Christianity will be deliberated.

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