Accepted Paper:

Brazilian Jews in Israel: subjectivities and subjectification  


Miguel Vale de Almeida (ISCTE, Lisbon)

Paper short abstract:

The paper focuses on the processes of subjectivity change and subjectification, biographical lifetime and the state's historical time, among Brazilian Jews who become Israeli and how those are negotiated between subjects, social contexts, and states.

Paper long abstract:

The paper focuses on the processes of subjectivity change and subjectification among Brazilian Jews who become citizens of Israel, stressing aspects of temporality, biography and pendular movement. Global Zionist movements and the State of Israel interpellate their Brazilian and Jewish Diasporic identities, and the process of migration (aliyah) is rooted in diverse motivations and further challenged by the political situation in Israel/Palestine. The unique characteristics of the Jewish Diaspora, of the nature of the State of Israel, and of citizenship accession in Israel allow for different and more challenging ways of looking at contemporary migrations and circulations of people, as well as the way that national and cultural identifications are negotiated between the lifetime of subjects, and the history of the state and Jewry itself. The paper is based on ongoing research among a network of Brazilian Jews in Israel, their motivations for choosing Israeli citizenship and their adaptation to Israeli society.

Panel Mig03
Temporalities, migration and home: comparative perspectives