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Ways of dwelling : a case study of the indigenous communities of Jharkahnd, India  


Satya Narayan Munda (Dr.Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University)

Paper short abstract:

Ways of Dwelling: A Study of Indigenous Communities, Birhor, Lohra, Dom, Sauria Paharia communities live in Jharkahnd & are different by occupation. The main objective is to highlight the various ways of dwelling of the indigenous communities, their creativity, crises and craft management.

Paper long abstract:

Ways of Dwelling : A Case Study of the Indigenous Communities of Jharkahnd , India

Professor Satya Narayan Munda, Anthropology Skmu, Dumka, India and Maskal Munda,

Research scholar, Ranchi University, Ranchi.

Different indigenous communities live in Jharkhand . Among them a birhor settlement is traditionally known as tanda. A tanda consists of half a dozen or more huts made of branches and leaves and are conical in shape . Economically birhor's are depended on hunting , food gathering and rope making . Lohra's are depended on iron melting making agricultural weapons and jajmani system . Doms are depended on drum beating and basket making . Thus, Sauria paharias traditional occupation is shifting cultivation . They built their houses made of mud and thatched and tiles roof . Today government assistance them to build their houses.

The main objective of this study is to highlight the various ways of dwelling of the indigenous communities and their creativity to fulfill their needs. It is also to highlight the crises and craft management of these communities.

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