Accepted paper:

Dhokra metal craft and craft maker: through the changing times


Aditi Patel (University of hyderabad)

Paper short abstract:

Dhokra is age old metal craft form belongs to India possessed by a group of nomadic tribes, now settled in the mineral rich east and central region of India, craft has changed a lot through vicissitude of times and tribal dwelling transformed the craft and artisans, proposed paper focuses on these aspects.

Paper long abstract:

Dhokra (lost wax casting) craft items were made by the artisans of Ghadwa, Malar, and Jhara communities' member for the communities of the Bastar region (Chhattisgarh), according to their mundane and religious need inspired by their folklore. In due course of time the consumers of the craft have changed, craft has reached from village market to online forum, from tribal house to international museums. Impact of technology and commercialisation of cultural items, made the craft maker to transformed tribal utility items to urban material culture, but artisans have kept their ethnic touch in the craft, which has soul in their dwelling. During the field work I have observed the following changes, first in the usage of raw material with lack of forest goods, second in usage of new equipment with inception of technology, third in the process due to change of raw materials and equipment, fourth in design of craft items for urban consumers and finally transmission of craft work, from a nomadic craft maker group to occupational craft makers group. The purpose of this empirical study is to see the reasons of above mentioned changes and continuity of the craft. Research will look how this change of dwelling affects the life and aesthetic of crafting communities. Apart from historical aspects of the Dhokra craft, research will throw light upon social and economic status, lifestyle and livelihood of the tribal artisans.

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