Accepted Paper:

Discussion II: Caminoisation : The ‘McDonalisation’ of Pilgrimage?  


Marion Bowman (The Open University)

Paper short abstract:

Open discussion on the growing phenomenon of the 'Caminoisation' of pilgrimage in relation to Protestant pilgrimage.

Paper long abstract:

This discussion, led by Marion Bowman and Tiina Sepp, will focus on the contention that we are witnessing the 'McDonalisation' of pilgrimage in the wake of the Camino's appeal, success and publicity.

Why are so many Protestants copying/ being inspired by this model? What aspects of vernacular culture and religion are involved in the renegotiation and localisation of Camino features?

As Caminoisation comes to dominate assumptions of what a pilgrimage has to look like/ involve/ achieve, what are the broader implications for Protestant pilgrimage, pilgrimage per se and pilgrimage studies.

Panel Reli001
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