Accepted Paper:

Focusing on communities: using networks in the process of implementation of the ICH Convention of UNESCO in Hungary  


Veronika Filkó (Corvinus University of Budapest)

Paper short abstract:

The paper summarizes the principles of the development of the national inventories and the networks serving the implementation of the ICH Convention in Hungary. Networks were created to assist the identification and documentation of the ICH elements as well as to facilitate promotion and access.

Paper long abstract:

In accordance with the aims of UNESCO, obligations of States Parties to the convention include identifying and inventorying elements of such heritage within their territories. In Hungary, two inventories serve this cause, the National Inventory of ICH in Hungary and the National Register of Best Safeguarding Practices in Hungary.

The procedure and guidelines for nomination are similar to those of inscription on the UNESCO lists. In preparing the nomination, the wide-scale involvement of experts, local NGOs and relevant groups is greatly encouraged. Nomination materials shall be prepared by the bearer community itself.

In order to identify, document and develop a system of local safeguarding and preservation of heritage elements, as well as to facilitate their promotion, transmission and access, the cooperation and efforts of local experts is crucial.

The involvement and active participation of competent experts in a wide range of fields is essential for implementing and achieving the diverse tasks regarding the safeguarding and preservation of intangible cultural heritage elements.

The realization of tasks locally are facilitated by County Rapporteurs who are in direct contact with the designated coordinating body responsible for implementing safeguarding tasks nationally.

Volunatry experts contribute to and participate in the realization of specific tasks according to his or her own localization, field and area of expertise.

Besides the networks of experts a Circle of Communities Consciously Safeguarding Heritage (TÖKK) was also founded for the bearer communites of the National Inventory to exchange ideas and experiences regarding the safeguarding of their heritage elements.

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Inventorying intangible cultural heritage: a new utopia?