Accepted Paper:

The patriarchal heritage in the Greek community of Istanbul   


Gökçe Bayindir Goularas (Yeditepe University)

Paper short abstract:

The Greek minority of Istanbul has a rich cultural heritage of the Byzantine, Ottoman, Greek and Turkish culture for which the patriarchy is a major cultural element. The aim of this work is to analyse “the patriarchal order” in this community which ensures a certain unity and cultural continuity.

Paper long abstract:

The Greek population in Istanbul, a natural consequence of the Byzantine past of the city, acquired the status of an ethnic minority by the Treaty of Lausanne signed in 1923. This population had and continues to have an identity, which is influenced by his historical heritage, his structure, the Christian orthodox religion, the solid relations with the Patriarchate and the family structures. Despite its decreasing number, the community tries to keep a certain unity. One of the major elements that guaranties this unity is the institution of marriage together with the patriarchal order. For certain societies or communities, as the Greek orthodox community of Istanbul, the patriarchal system either is a part of the culture either is considered as a cultural heritage to preserve and transmit from one generation to another. The study of marriage inside this community, the women's roles as a spouse, the women's place in social and economical life and the women's participation in the continuity of patriarchy allows to understand the patriarchal system and the unequal distribution of gender roles. Despite the fact that patriarchy presents disadvantages for women, is still a living part of the cultural tradition of the Greek Orthodox community.

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Patriarchy as a heritage?