Accepted Paper:

The happy obsolescence of inventories living heritage  


Patricia Heiniger-Casteret (University of Pau)

Paper short abstract:

The ICH inventory in Aquitaine ( France ) started in 2008, we can now wear a reflective view of its development, receiving and positioning of local institutions and academic research.

Paper long abstract:

The inventory of living practices, intengible cultural heritage (ICH), began in Aquitaine (France) in 2008, it was jointly led and promoted by a university laboratory and the regional development agency of Occitan, a language of France. After six years of work we can now observe the regional territory, what took place the diffusion of the "intangible cultural heritage" notion, how groups and individuals, practices holders if are seized. Even so, these groups do not develop ex nihilo their practices in the area, the transmission of expressions and knowledge has long been considered by local authorities, elected officials and heritage institutions. We will ask the same question of the reception and processing of the concept of ICH by such entities. This questioning leading us to another field, that of governance or shared governance in the transmission, recognition or constraints that apply to the practices. So how to design an inventory of intangible cultural heritage that is moving, constantly seeking harmony with the society that carries it. This formal approach, apparently contradictory, leads the researcher to reconsider its analysis regularly opens a field of experience sharing between practitioners, local political structures and the world of research.

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Inventorying intangible cultural heritage: a new utopia?