Accepted Paper:

Narratives of identity, multi-sited biography, and transnational life-modes of highly qualified migrants: two case studies  


Khadeeja Haddy Sarr (Basel University )
Hélène Oberlé (University of Basel)

Paper short abstract:

Through biographies and narratives the study will explore the present situation of unique groups of highly qualified migrants. It will focus on transnationalism through analysing (trans)local imaginaries, personal expectations, visions, justifications, and activities.

Paper long abstract:

The joint project will contribute to this complex that is called globalization by researching aspects of migration, mobility and transnationalism with highly skilled migrants as agents.

The project consists of two case studies:

1. Swiss in Israel and Israelis in Switzerland

2. Swiss in Senegambia and Senegambians in Switzerland

The aim of the study is to grasp life experiences of highly qualified migrants through their biographies and personal accounts. The study will examine the visions and imaginaries at the basis of migration activities - such as moving to another location. Furthermore, it will analyse the justifications and decision-makings leading to transnational/local activities. Hence, topics and activities such as brain drain, brain gain, brain circulation, remittances, transnational marriages and networks are addressed. The groups being researched have unique historical, cultural, religious and visibility profiles. The impact these factors have on life modes, experiences, visions and decision-makings within, between and across boundaries need further exploration. Data is collected in several localities from distinct actors, which makes it possible to compare and contrast differences and diverging reactions to circumstances, cities, and countries

Panel Mig003
Imaginaries of migration: identity and belonging