Accepted Paper:

The Bay of Plenty  


Sjoerd van Grootheest (UKZN (formerly))

Paper short abstract:

The Bay of Plenty

Paper long abstract:

The beachfront in Durban, South Africa has been an important fishing site for decades. In advance of the World Cup 2010, the piers were closed to the general public and fishermen for renovation. After the upgrades were finished, the public was allowed back onto the piers: the fishermen, many of them reliant on fishing for their income, were not.

This film follows four fishermen, all part of a larger movement resisting their exclusion from the Durban beachfront. It shows how they (try to) engage with media and local government in the context of the World Cup held in South Africa. They are efforts by the subaltern to speak, but the degree to which they are heard or not is to be seen.

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