Accepted Paper:

Lifemodes in times of crisis: Spain and Denmark as examples  


Klaus Schriewer (Universidad de Murcia)
Niels Jul Nielsen (University of Copenhagen)

Paper short abstract:

The paper presents a research-project to carry out in European countries. It deals with the changes, life-modes (highly skilled specialists, civil servants, wage-earners) are undergoing these years. The related changes in everyday-life are part of European states strategies into a new world order.

Paper long abstract:

The project presented will study the transformations life-modes in European countries undergo. The paper explores the dramatic changes in different life-modes in Spain and Denmark and the strategies to manage the new situation. Wage-earners' conditions are challenged profoundly, subsistence economy life-modes are taken over by capitalist corporations. In Denmark it seems like the main priority of the state is to provide better conditions for specialists and innovative groups who are regarded the main tool in order to ensure that society will maintain its ability to cope with the challenges of a new world order, in Spain in contrast the state is not able to stop emigrating specialists and it substitutes civil servants through privatization meanwhile the conditions for wage-earner's worsen.

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The parliament of crisis: the saving of the European market and its effects