Accepted Paper:

The circulation of Pentecostal religious practices among Roma communities in Hungary  


Kinga Povedák (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Paper short abstract:

I analyse how Pentecostal religious practices circulate and reach Hungarian Roma communities.

Paper long abstract:

It is a truism that religions and spiritual movements go through rapid transformation in late modernity. These processes are well-researched, however in the Central and Eastern-European environment it is not well-investigated. The connection between globalization, mediatisation and religious transformation in CEE can be well analysed in the case of Hungarian Roma religiosity. There are mushrooming Roma communities in Hungary converting to Pentecostal Christianity or to the charismatic Catholics. Roma groups based on traditional values were exposed to the "secularized" globalized mass culture and had the chance to suffice their religious needs from a plural global religious market at once in 1989. Through my ethnographic research among a Roma community I analyse how Pentecostal religious practices circulate and reach these communities. I investigate the ways the traditional values are changed and in what way the individuals and communities from traditional locality are immersed in global Pentecostal practices.

Panel P20
Fluidity, mobility and versatility of the sacred