Accepted Paper:

Dairy products in the system of food: interrelation of marketing and consumer trends in the Republic of Tatarstan  


Nadezhda Rychkova (Kazan National Research Technological University)

Paper short abstract:

The report examines the interrelation of marketing and consumer trends in market of dairy products. Attitude to dairy products and consumer narratives of the Russians and the Tatars regarded as one of the sources of marketing innovations (With financial support of RFH, project № 12-01-00018).

Paper long abstract:

Based on the narrative/discourse approach the traditional and modern attitude of the Russians and the Tatars of the Republic of Tatarstan to dairy products and a place of these products in structure of a feed are analyzed. According to the unstructured interviews have been made ethnic attitude of national dishes, on the basis of the Tatar and Russian proverbs some positions of a culinary code of consumer cultures are formulated.

According to official statistics, and the results of surveys of consumers for the market of dairy products of Tatarstan following consumer trends are characteristic: steady growth of demand; increase of traditional national dishes in structure of food; orientation of the consumer at a choice of dairy production on safety, on healthy feed; changes in situations of consumption of dairy products.

Marketing trends: consumer interest to traditional dairy products are considered in the assortment; growth of a segment of functional dairy products; positioning of brands in view of specificity of consumer preferences; the account of these trends in advertising. Marketing activity considers consumer trends and forms consumer preferences.

In this market it is allocated three groups of marketing innovations that are the source for consumers. The first group is connected with orientation of consumers to a healthy way of life. The second - on satisfaction of need for safety which becomes priority for target consumers. The third group is connected with the demand for ethnicity in structure of a consumer choice. (With financial support of RFH, project № 12-01-00018).

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Ethnological and folkloristic views on "narrative economy" (EN)