Accepted Paper:

Thakurani Yatra: power, possession and poetry in north-western Odisha  


Uwe Skoda (Aarhus University)

Paper short abstract:

Exploring the popular, yet academically rather overlooked Thakurani Yatra - performed in Adivasi-villages in Odisha – the paper seeks to highlight three aspects: 1) the power of the goddess; 2) her presence in this annual ritual cycle and 3) the poetic, epical story narrated / sung in this context.

Paper long abstract:

The paper explores the popular, yet in the literature rather overlooked Thakurani Yatra - annually performed in Adivasi-villages in the former princely states of north-western Odisha. It seeks to highlight three entangled aspects: 1) the power of the goddess Thakurani exemplified in various ways; 2) the presence of the goddess and several other spirits at certain stages in this ritual cycle possessing participants and 3) the poetic - epical - story narrated and sung in this sacred context.

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Circulation of cultural tropes in indigenous Adivasi India