Accepted Paper:

The development of an interactive DST for a PhD by Practice outcome  
Eduards Grieznis (London College of Music (University of West London))

Paper short abstract:

Contrary to Jager et al.’s (2017) systematic review which discusses examples of digital storytelling (DST) mainly collected from collaborative practices, this paper investigates the preparation of an interactive DST as a PhD by Practice outcome by an individual practitioner

Paper long abstract:

This PhD focuses on the experiences I have, both personal and artistic, as a native Latvian creative artist and performer in relation to Latvian folk music. This focus is directed through the lens of modern digital technologies (interactive digital storytelling (iDST) as an output) and performance spaces. In so doing, this project aims to interrogate and offer new insights into the recently developing field of folk music. Guided by an autoethnographic methodology, by adding sonic and visual layers upon folk songs, I am exploring, transforming and performing traditional Latvian folk music. In my improvisations, I also include a Latvian traditional folk instrument, the kokle. This research uses innovative and interdisciplinary practice research approaches that bring it into a global digital performance context, questioning national identity’s role from a global perspective.

Being at a pre-production stage, this paper investigates approaches for a successful outcome of an interactive DST.

I would appreciate feedback on the best ways of creating DST interactive in the Performing Arts contrary to the field of Games where it's used more often.

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