Accepted Paper:

Geological Filmmaking  
Sasha Litvintseva

Paper short abstract:

In this presentation I will expand upon the concept and practice of geological filmmaking, as a means of tackling some of the key perceptual and representational challenges of the ecological crisis.

Paper long abstract:

Geological filmmaking builds on the foundation of existing analyses of media technologies as products of the extraction of geological materials, often at high environmental costs. Building on the geological materiality of the filmic medium, geological filmmaking also considers the formal and temporal intersections of the geologic and the filmic. The key claims of the project are the entangled and reciprocal co-emergence of the socio-economic and the geologic and of our mortal bodies and environments, and that film is able to provide a perceptual framework in which to contemplate these inextricable connections all the way down every scale: from the molecular to the planetary, from the immediate to the stretches of deep time.

Panel P23c
Disappearing Worlds Reloaded: a proposition to collaborate on Geopoetic films of the “terrestrial”.
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