Accepted Paper:

Terrestrial Subjectivity / Equator Line as a Singularity: Ancestrofuturism at the Alcantara Lauch Center  
Fabiane Borges (National Institute for Space Research)

Paper short abstract:

An experience of producing geopoetic films, with indigenous, quilombolas and scientists about the border they live at Alcantara Lauch Base (rocket lauch). They share the same place, despite numerous popular demonstrations against the expansion of the base.

Paper long abstract:

This is about the frontier between quilombola and indigenous groups, who live in the same space /time as the scientists who work at the Alcântara Launch Base. This base is just below the equator line, which promotes huge fuel savings, so there is a lot of interest in it. American programs do not allow this base to be autonomous and to launch large rockets, the same happened with other countries in South America. At the same time, hundreds of quilombola families who were refugees from slavery or indigenous who were escaping from the whites fight for years for take out the Alcantara Base from there. The fight was against to build in the base in that territory, but many promises were made, including that the area would become touristic and the tourists would consume all the production of the quilombolas and indigenous. But it never happened. Families withdrew from the area close to the sea, also lost their livelihoods. Many boundaries can be assumed in this place, perfect as a location to carry out this transdisciplinary project. We want to create an ancestral-futuristic becoming, a place to discuss the ancestry present in the speech of these peoples, and the scientific discourses that coexist. The idea is to work with the line between science and history, ancestry and future, space technological projects and quilombola/indigenous technologies. It is a transdisciplinar project of science and tecnology social inclusion, but also a technoshamanistic, ancestrofuturist, a geopoetical process at the Alcantara Lauch Base / Brazil.

Panel P23b
Disappearing Worlds Reloaded: a proposition to collaborate on Geopoetic films of the “terrestrial”.
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