Accepted Paper:

Where do We Meet ? Collaborative Catalysts and Following in the footsteps.  
Blake P Kendall (HKMW) Pavel Borecký (University of Bern)

Paper short abstract:

This paper introduces the thematic threads of dialogue within the panel, by introducing the key concepts of the session's dialogue, through the ethnographic case studies of the water crisis in Jordan and the Climate Changing futures of Borneo.

Paper long abstract:

How do we connect? The formation of a collaboration holds political weight with its response to neo-liberal individualism, but apart from its ideological connotations, the pragmatic question of collective action's form in the contemporary zeitgeist is held to question. What does it look like? With processes of alienation and commodification as symptoms of the "supermodern", this paper seeks to introduce processes of re-connecting. This paper reflects on the motivations for developing 'Disappearing Worlds' and inviting researchers to collaborate. Key themes such as geopoetics and the Latour's concepts of the terrestrial are expanded upon with examples presented from Jordan and Malaysia. This paper seeks to introduce the key aspects of the panel of presentation, and prepare everyone for the journey ahead.

In the wild space of the imagination, built on contingencies and speculations, one never knows what the future will hold. In the process of collective "vision-making" the only semantic framework to establish is "where do we meet?" We do not know what will come, both with the panel and afterwards. However, what we can attempt to articulate is where we meet. This reflexive presentation, aligns the values of the panel with propositions and invitations for methodological experimentation.

An Invitation.

Panel P23a
Disappearing Worlds Reloaded: a proposition to collaborate on Geopoetic films of the “terrestrial”.
  Session 1