Accepted Paper:

Anarchistic potential of ethnographic illustration  
Jacek Wajszczak (The National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw)

Paper short abstract:

This paper explore refreshing potential of non-realistic end experimental ethnographic illustration. Presentation based on fieldwork experiences.

Paper long abstract:

If we believe in drawing, what kind of drawing we looking for: beautiful, realistic, expressionist or technical? Ethnographic drawing – this classical and contemporary are often so gorgeous and brilliant. The raw drawing also can be lovely. So, if we need pencils and ink as a new way of aestheticization of poverty and injustice?

One of the main idea of ethnography is to explore alternative, unusual and unconventional practice and way of thinking. How to do in the fieldwork? What are the possibilities of nonviolence and equal form of documentations? How to change (overthrow) the dominations of beauty?

We don’t have to remind the power of photography and movie. So maybe with the black ink we enlighten us?

Based on my fieldwork I want to propose idea of “anarchistic ethnography illustration”.

First, I keen on the possibility to catch the bits, smells, sounds, dirties, anxiety and unrest pulsating around, because the power of drawing based on the fieldwork experiences. Second, I sketch this screeches with mine and interlocutors analyses and brainstorms (why not drawing together?). It’s mix of fieldwork diaries, snapshots and scientist diagrams all blended and reading as multidimensional illustration.

Maybe it’s sound crazy, but this kind of experiment could give as a possibility to refresh our thinking, mindfulness and tenderness in the future works.

Panel P21
Crisis through comics: a roundtable discussion on graphic anthropology
  Session 1