Accepted Paper:

The narratives of the neocrust subgenre in A Coruña and the creation of a dissident ethos.  
Estefanía Tarrío (University of A Coruña)

Paper short abstract:

This study aims to understand how the neocrust bands of A Coruña have produced a rupturistic discourse against the "status quo". Against this, its ethos focuses mainly on promoting alternative models of coexistence, focused on social justice, environmentalism and animalism.

Paper long abstract:

Neocrust is a subgenre that originates from the mixing of crust punk with other musical styles (derived from hardcore, as well as other metal subgenres). In addition, it is very common for the values conveyed by the style (as well as the lyrics of the songs) to be related to environmentalism, animalism, as well as criticism of technology and industrialization. In A Coruña (a city located in northwestern Spain), this subgenre was very important in the first decade of the 2000s, where bands such as Ekkaia, Ictus, Hongo, Madame Germen, Das Plage, SLS'3 – among others – have emerged. This relevance has also had a strong international impact, considering themselves references of this style.

This study aims to understand in detail how the values of neocrust are a counterweight to the wild growth of cities, capitalism, control of technology and loss of values of solidarity. To do this, a sociological analysis of speech systems will be carried out, elaborated from the lyrics of the songs, where it will try to understand not only criticism of the "status quo", but also how alternative models of community life are provided.

Panel P11
Social movements, protest, social justice & creativity
  Session 1