Accepted Paper:

How the Sonorous Splits the Political Subjectivity: Fetishizing-Listening and Affective Ritornellos of 2019 Protests in Moscow  
Dmitrii Bochkov (Central European University)

Paper short abstract:

Despite the subjectivation of protest songs is based on the recognition, political rally constitutes a space where rhizomatic discursivity and material flows morph into an indistinguishable noise. Such sonic events conceptualized as assemblages of enunciation reveal the split of subjectivity.

Paper long abstract:

During the Summer 2019 protests in Moscow the musical performances became significant political (sonic) actors seemed to elaborate new concepts of protest in the conditions of uncertain crisis. Against the background of artists who had already obtained a protest aura, it is the September 29 performance of Khadn Dadn, a Moscow art-pop group whose apolitical lyrics stood out in a paradoxical and provocative way. My main claim is that combining phenomenological and ontological branches of sound studies would reveal the molar affects of such sonic action given that political rally is grasped as a sonorous archipelago in a certain tempo-spatial regime that imposes floating but perceptible frames. Moreover, schizoanalytic perspective includes the configurations of the ‘unconscious’ and ‘desire’ provides an avenue of conceptualizing sonorous as a libido of social body that threatens monopoly of protest discourse. This is crucial in the context of a large-scale political rally that constitutes a space where the realms of rhizomatic discursivity and material flows morph into an indistinguishable noise leaving no room for recognition. The rhythmic sonorous remains in an unstable condition of being-(un)perceived in the same manner as splitting of the centered political self does. This anthropological research of sound based on participant observation and sociological survey on a 29 September protest rally proposes a schizoanalytic metamodelization [Félix Guattari] of sonorous libido in the living context of the sonorous archipelago [François Bonnet] shaped as the assemblage of enunciation that tends to go beyond the singular form of subject and to create new milieus.

Panel P11
Social movements, protest, social justice & creativity
  Session 1