Workshop: Radical inclusivity and visual ethnography 
Mike Poltorak (University of Kent)
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Start time:
19 March, 2021 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Short Abstract:

Increased global migration caused by climate change will require a radical humanitarianism to counter increasingly anti-migrant politics. We will explore how radical inclusivity can inform our experience of ethnographic film as well as a principle in the process of media making.

Long Abstract:

This workshop is a live event, happening on Friday 19 March from 2.00-4.00pm (GMT). Due to the nature of the event, there is no pre-recorded presentation to watch.

The need to find and share examples of radical inclusivity, to inspire and counter the anti-humanitarian shift in political and public discourse, has never been more important. Climate change will cause increases in global migration and displacement, both internal and cross-border. The rise of far right and anti-migrant political movements is shifting the public imagination away from the ethics and value of welcome and generosity. The anthropological and historical record offers examples of how people are welcomed and become involved in social groups, with benefits in social and community health. The way that many anthropologists are valued and incorporated within different groups and societies is in itself an example of radical inclusivity, often informed by radically different ideas of relatedness and what it means to be human. This interactive and reflexive workshop will explore radical inclusivity as a principle of visual ethnographic appreciation and action through defining what we have become habituated to exclude in our reception of ethnographic films. The workshop will involve group work and requires honest and authentic communication. It offers insight into the assumptions that inform our appreciation and understanding of the people we witness in ethnographic film and documentaries.