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Accepted Paper:

A Western-Eastern collaboration on responsible AI innovation in the homecare of people with dementia  
Dirk Lukkien (Utrecht University)

Paper short abstract:

In the European-Taiwanese project Horizon AAL (HAAL), an AI-based dashboard is being developed that can act as a decision support tool for caregivers by providing insight into the health and well-being of community-dwelling people with dementia and helping them to assess the care and support needs of their clients. In the dashboard, the data from a number of interoperable AAL (Active and Assisted Living) solutions are gathered and analysed in order to provide insights and predictions about the health and well-being of the PwD.

Paper long abstract:

The dashboard may also provide recommendations that help caregivers to assess the care and support needs of their clients. the increasing advancements of AI-technologies come with both promises and perils, the proper embedding of healthcare technologies driven by AI requires innovators and other stakeholders to actively anticipate and reflect on the opportunities and risks and to be responsive to societal values, needs and expectations. In this line, we are exploring the opportunities and risks of using the AI-based HAAL dashboard, and the actions that can be taken in the design and deployment of the platform to achieve meaningful and responsible innovation. We use a mixed-methods approach, including a survey, semi-structured interviews and focus group sessions, to explore the views of HAAL project partners, end-users and experts on this topic. In particular, we compare between the Dutch, Italian and Taiwanese views on responsible AI innovation, thereby exploring how to be sensitive to both the wider applicability and the local embedding of technology. This paper shares the insights of the first research phase, including a survey and focus group session with project partners.

Panel P24
Digitalization of health: a panel on AI, big-data and applications used in health governance
  Session 1 Monday 6 June, 2022, -