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Accepted Paper:

Education and Global Knowledge Exchange: Benefits of Integrating Physical and Virtual Modalities  
Mary Hallin (University of Nebraska at Omaha)

Paper short abstract:

Before the COVID-19 pandemic educational learning and international conferences occurred primarily in person. Physical presence was necessary for educational learning and interaction among students. International conferences were held in person with participants flying to the location of the conference to participate and interact with other colleagues

Paper long abstract:

When COVID-19 occurred in 2020, in person learning was stopped and conferences were canceled. Educators quickly adopted Zoom and other virtual platforms to continue educational learning. The negative aspect of remote learning has often been cited in the news. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic allowed educators to become innovative and adopt new methods to utilize in educational learning. Conference organizers also adopted Zoom and other virtual platforms to hold international conferences. Though unable to physically meet in person at a conference, a participant can travel virtually to other parts of the world to attend conferences. In addition, international webinars and other virtual meetings are occurring. The virtual conferences and webinars facilitate knowledge exchange across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in development of virtual modalities that facilitate educational learning, international conferences and global knowledge exchange. Using personal experiences this paper explores the following: 1) using virtual educational methods to complement in person educational methods; 2) utilizing virtual modes such as Zoom, WhatsApp to facilitate global knowledge exchange and international collaborations; and 3) using digital and virtual technology to have a virtual mobility to attend conferences/meetings in other parts of the world without leaving one’s country-of-origin. The benefits of virtual and in person modalities are discussed. Integrating virtual modes in educational settings and in international conferences/webinars can facilitate educational learning and global knowledge exchange.


Virtual and Physical Education, Global Knowledge Exchange, Virtual Mobility, International Collaborations, Digital Technology

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Education and Mobility Today: Integrating Digital and Visual Technology with Physical Learning
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