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Accepted Paper:

East and West Cooperation in Promoting Sports Medicine Programs at the Lvyin(Green-shade) School  
Ga Wu (Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences) Rui Wang (Lvyin School)

Paper short abstract:

Due to special reasons of environmental and just getting out of poverty condition, students from Liangshan need active nutritional -medicine and sports -medicine programs.

Paper long abstract:

The Nutritional - health-sport project has been discussed in Daliangshan, among the lvyin School, the Anti-poverty Foundation and the Research Institute of the National Health and Medical Commission combined with the spirit of the 2022 Beijing Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the project jointly designed by cooperating with the research institutes in East China, a new project named as the ( Sunshine Playground Project) proposed by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and the Green School. Help Yi minority young people to popularize health movement is the lager goal. Sports medicine has expanded from previous limited understanding of the sports disease treatment to a new definition. Modern medical --sport innovation theory encourages the use of modern technologies including 5G technology classroom, adding exercise methods and nutritional intervention elements, issuing sports nutrition prescriptions, and using exercise methods and nutritional intervention methods to promote the health of the Yi population, especially adolescents. The conclusion part of the paper will discuss the thinking involving the innovation of Liangshan sports nutrition medicine theory and practice from green school.


1) Physical Fitness of Yi Youths (2) Lvyin (Green-Shade) School, Anti-poverty Foundation and National and Health Commission Research Institute (3) Nutritional Intervention Programs to Popularization Health Movement in Daliangshan (4) Sunshine Pla

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