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Accepted Paper:

Infrastructural blues: Studying-while-caring for open environmental data stewardship  
Luis Felipe R. Murillo (University of Notre Dame)

Paper short abstract:

When it comes to the question of climate crisis research, current debates are increasingly thematizing the needs and the challenges of collaborative, transdisciplinary work. Geophysical characterizations of climate change are increasingly deemed insufficient to respond to the challenges that vulnerable communities face worldwide.

Paper long abstract:

In this paper, I will describe the experimental work of studying-while-caring for an open data stack for environmental research. I suggest reframing “data management” as a problem of “data stewardship” that is better conceived as a “knowledge infrastructure” (Bowker et al. 2010; Edwards 2010; Edwards et al. 2013). To examine the challenges of this alternative framing, I discuss the notion of "infrastructural blues" that stems from integrating CARE and FAIR practices in the context of latent conflict between technoscientific and community projects. For the conclusion, I discuss the shift toward community data stewardship and sovereignty as guiding practices for (open) climate research.


data management, data stewardship, data sovereignty, free and open source technologies, open science, open data.

Panel P36
Co-production of knowledge, open science and anthropologies of the future
  Session 1 Friday 10 June, 2022, -