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Accepted Paper:

Ethical decision-making in the development of Data-driven healthcare technologies  
Bianca Jansky (University of Augsburg, Germany) Ayush Shukla (Athena Institute, VU Amsterdam)

Paper short abstract:

In this presentation we analyse developers' norms and values in the context of data-driven healthcare development. Empirically we are focussing on in-depth interviews of developers in the Indian, German, and the US healthcare context.

Paper long abstract:

Data-driven healthcare technologies are increasingly being introduced into national healthcare policies. The development of these technologies is usually centered in particular geographical regions, most notably Silicon Valley in the USA. Another region associated with IT development is in India, with Bangalore, even referred to as the "Silicon Valley of India". We know from the rich Science and Technology Studies literature that technologies carry the ideas and assumptions of those who develop them, which is referred to as I-Methodology; in this presentation, we want to shift our gaze at the norms and values that guide stakeholders in the context of data-driven healthcare development. Empirically we are focussing on India, Germany, and the US, and the analysis aims to compare these different healthcare contexts. Recently there is a growing body of literature on how individuals are using these technologies in their everyday lives, and the ethical dimensions of the use are increasingly critically reflected upon in this context. However, little is known to date about how data-driven healthcare technology developers, designers, engineers, and other stakeholders in this field make ethical decisions, reflect on ethical challenges, or talk about the ethical dimensions of these new technologies. We ask how these different healthcare contexts shape developers' ethical decision-making processes and what implication this has for the developed technologies.

Panel P21a
AI in healthcare : the politics and ethics of data mining in the Global South
  Session 1 Monday 6 June, 2022, -