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Accepted Paper:

Rethinking education amid Digital divide: A case study on Learners of Higher education in India.  
Longshibeni N Kithan (Central University of Karnataka, Kalaburagi, India)

Paper short abstract:

The digital divide becomes a huge issue in education. It has both positive and negative impact to the learners. While virtual learning becomes an imperative, the present paper will analyze the problems that hamper effective learning.

Paper long abstract:

With emergence of new Technologies there is a paradigm shift in learning. As a result, virtual learning has become imperative since Pandemic ensued. Notwithstanding the Pandemic the digital divide is an ongoing problem in India owing to societal structural imbalances. Certainly the Pandemic has made it worse. Against this backdrop, a study was undertaken to understand the perspective of Learners in Higher education in the Indian context. The study suggest a grave exclusion among the Learners thereby hampering effective learning. Further, the study attempt to provide an alternative approach to bridge digital gap in learning.

Panel P10a
Exclusion by design: technology and the shaping of inequalities
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